Welcome to the CallahanTech website

This site was created so you could get an idea of what CallahanTech is, and the services they offer. Feel free to peruse the links relating to our services, the schedule of events, technical material for download, or use the Contact form for more information, comments, and requests.

CallahanTech provides technical training, writing, consulting, and more to businesses big and small, with more than 20 years of experience in the field of Microsoft products.

With a special interest in assisting small to medium businesses, businesses with frontline workers spread across the world, municipalities, and non-profits, we are dedicated to helping our customers get the most out of their technology on a limited budget.

Your business does not need to be a fortune 500 company to have a network and solutions that truly and dependably work.

Please see the About link for more information about the company's details.

Online Speaking Events

These events occur on an ongoing basis. If you'd like to join the audience, visit the callahanSPF facebook group. Contact via LinkedIn, Facebook, or twitter to be invited.

Or follow @cacallahan on twitter for RFAs (request from audience) for online events. Please respond for invitations.

Recent and Upcoming In-person Events

May 2022
SEF 2022-


April 2018
SharePoint Cincy-
Cincinnati, OH


February 2018
MCT Summit-
Bellevue, WA


September 2017
Microsoft Ignite-
Orlando, FL

Speaking and HOL staff

October 2016
SEF Unity Connect
- Stockholm, Sweden

August 2016
SharePoint Saturday-
Pittsburgh, PA


April 2016
SharePoint Cincy- Cincinnati , OH